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Cease Striving

In the Book of Galatians, Paul warns that adding anything to God's work of grace, whether it is Christ's finished work on the cross or the work of grace now by His Spirit through His Word, is a different gospel. 


In Cease Striving, you will discover why people strive, where it enters into the heart of humanity, what and whom people strive to be, and how it manifests itself in our relationships with both God and humanity. You will also discover that God's work of grace through the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only remedy for such striving. "Cease striving and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

Transforming the Heart 

The primary goal is to bring about transformation in the heart of the individual and not merely provide information. Although discipleship is a word used by many in the Church, all too often, it is biblically misunderstood, and at times, rarely applied. Commissioned by Christ to make disciples, Transforming the Heart workbook is designed to provide a biblical framework for discipleship and counseling. 

Interwoven throughout the workbook are messages and tools necessary to adequately equip and train both teacher and student to accurately handle God's Word of Truth (2 Tim. 2:15). This workbook was not designed to do alone. It has been created to help aid in the process of one-on-one discipleship. 

Created to Bow

Fear. Perfectionism. Control. Do these words describe you, or are they depictions of someone you know? If you truly contemplate these words, you will discover that fear, perfectionism, and control are terms restrictive to God. He, alone, is to be feared, is perfect, and sovereign. 

Created to Bow is about knowing God's Person and Plan, and understanding both man's place and desperate need concerning each. It's about the humility of God becoming Man in order to rescue man from his prideful propensity and inordinate desire to be "like the Most High." In essence, it is a workbook to teach the created the intended posture, place, and purpose for which we were created - to bow before the Creator. 

Word of Endorsement

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