Transforming the Heart Ministries

Personal Discipleship Testimonials

If you are eager to grow in your love for God's word and be filled with true freedom in Christ, this study on Galatians is a beautiful guide that will open your eyes to God's grace. "

- Larkin Muncaster, Charlottesville Community Church, Charlottesville, VA

"The Galatians study, “Cease Striving”, is a comprehensive and compelling study with deep and rich treasures on every page. I highly recommend this study to anyone; first time Bible students as well as seasoned ones. My relationship with my Lord and Savior is deeper as I rest more in His grace through faith, rather than in my striving."

-Libby Taggart, Charlottesville Community Church, Charlottesville, VA

"I have learned that if I am not bowing to God, then I am bowing to the enemy. And as I choose to bow to the Lord and obey Him, I am being healed. Obedience to the Lord does not always "feel" good, especially not at the time. Sometimes there is immediate and great relief following my act of obedience. Sometimes there is a spiritual attack and doubt starts to creep back in. The Lord is granting me both repentance and forgiveness. He has taken the anxiety and given me peace in Him. He has taken the depression and given me hope and joy for the future. He has taken my anger and given me compassion. He has taken my fear and given me boldness and strength to obey Him. He is restoring my soul. He is lovingly and compassionately showing me I was "created to bow."

-Karen Nixon, First Baptist Church, Fort Smith, AR 

John 8:32 states, "And you will know the truth and the truth will make you free." That is exactly what the Lord, through His Word, using the tools in this study, has done in my life! As I have learned to walk in the truth of God's Word, I have experienced freedom. Freedom from lies, deception, fear, and sin that plagued my life for years! As the truth of God's Word has come to abide in me, it has given me a love for Him and a passion for His Word that has transformed my life. Now THAT'S freedom!"

-Lori Raible, First Baptist Church, Fort Smith, AR

Retreat Testimonials

"I am so thankful for the team at Transforming the Heart for the teaching they brought to us for our fall retreat.  It was clear, Biblical, and transformative! They also shared testimonies of the Lord's work in their own lives; which spoke to many hearts, in many ways.  Clearly Jesus Christ is their focus and they radiate a joy, peacefulness, and steadfastness from spending time with Him and by sharing Him with others!"

- Christina Bowman, Charlottesville Community Church, Charlottesville, VA

"I am so thankful to have attended a retreat by the Transforming the Heart team. Studying Genesis 3 in depth, alongside the testimonies helped me understand more about my own heart. It is God's grace that invites me to surrender my will and obey the Lord and in doing so, He calls me to Himself and sets me free."       

- Noelle Ulman, Charlottesville Community Church, Charlottesville, VA

"Created to Bow has taught me how to be free from the bonds of perfectionism, control, and the lies of Satan. It has truly been a life-transforming study. I have learned that He is in control. He is the answer and that we were made for His purpose and that anything short of this truth will leave us empty and unsatisfied."

-Miranda Curbow, First Baptist Church in Charleston, AR