TTHM's First Event 

TTHM held our first event at Chaffee Crossing Baptist Church in Barling, AR! Our own Maegan Pittinger spoke on a very dark time in her life and how the LORD continues to heal her heart using the Book of Ruth. One attendee sent this sweet encouragement soon after the event: "I just wanted to share how blessed I was Friday night! Your daughter was beyond all blessings! And Megen truly blessed my heart! But, what really warmed my heart was that Jesus was the focus of every area of the night and truly I was left with the need to bow to the Father! Thank you for this ministry! Ladies lives are being changed through this ministry!!" - Sandra C. 

Charlottesville Community Church

Maegan Clark is back at it for their woman's Fall Retreat at Charlottesville Community Church in Charlottesville, VA. Mendy had the rare opportunity to return to Charlotteville to speak again at this years event, themed "Beholding Him". Mendy taught on the names of God, from a new and exciting perspective.   

First Baptist Church, Charleston, AR

TTHM was invited back in the spring to walk through the study, Created to Bow at First Baptist Church, Charleston, AR. Please stop by our Testimonial page to read about this series from an attendee's persepective. 

Charlottesville Community Church

Our own Maegan Clark organized this Fall Retreat for the women of Charlottesville Community Church in Charlottesville, VA. The theme of the event was "Growing in Grace" and Mendy taught from 1 John 2:12-14 and Genesis 2:16-17, 3:1-13.  

First Baptist Church, Fort Smith, AR

First Baptist Church invited TTHM to speak on "Growing in Grace" at their women's event held at the Fort Smith Pavalion. 

Cavanaugh Free Will Baptist Church, Fort Smith, AR 

Cavanaugh Free Will Baptist Church invited TTHM to a summer brunch, entitled "A Grateful Heart." Mendy taught from Colossians 2:6-7. 

First Southern Baptist Church, Central City, AR

TTHM was invited to a Mother's Day Breakfast at First Southern Baptist Lavaca. It was amazing to see how this church supported their mother's/women on such a special day. The focal passage was Isaiah 61:1-3. 

First Baptist Church, Charleston, AR

After receiving and completing Transforming the Heart workbook from a friend, Kay invited TTHM to share in Charleston, AR.  It was a special time of hearing how the Lord used Mendy to write the workbook and share her testimony. TTHM will be heading back to Charleston in the Fall to study, Created to Bow. 

Christmas Event at Eastside Baptist Church, Fort Smith, AR