Created to Bow

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In our pursuit of control, perfection, and security, we often find ourselves tangled in the very fears we strive to escape. “Created to Bow” by Mendy Clark illuminates a path out of this cycle, guiding us back to the foundational truth that precedes all: “In the beginning, God.” This profound acknowledgment is the key to a life liberated from the shackles of fear and anxiety.

Through a comprehensive journey across Scripture, Mendy Clark masterfully demonstrates how surrendering to God’s sovereignty frees us from the need to manage every aspect of our lives. “Created to Bow” is an invitation to women caught in the endless quest for control and perfection, offering a breath of peace and a call to rest in the presence of the Almighty. This study isn’t just about learning to let go; it’s about recognizing our rightful place before the throne of God, where we find true peace and liberation.

Endorsed by Terri Stovall, PhD, Dean of Women at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, as a “wonderful resource for today’s woman,” this workbook beckons us to embrace a life marked not by striving, but by bowing to the One who is truly in control.